TVGH was invited to share the disease-prevention measures for COVID-19 by video conference at the Embassy of St. Christopher and Nevis

On the 27th of March, Dr. Huang Ying-Chi, from the division of Infectious Diseases at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, held a video conference to discuss COVID-19 with thirty-eight ambassadors and students from Haiti, Belize, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and Grenadine.

During the conference, Dr. Huang mainly focused on discussing treatments and prevention for the coronavirus, including methods of hand washing, how to wear masks correctly and what kind of patients can get the coronavirus test.

Taiwan’s containment strategy has the outbreak of coronavirus under control. As a national first-class medical center in Taiwan, Taipei Veterans General Hospital has been cooperating with the government to prevent the virus from spreading. Meanwhile, we have been sharing important information with our diplomatic allies, hoping to fight the COVID-19 outbreak together.