The MOU Signing Ceremony between Hanoi Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Hospital, Viet Xo Friendship Hospital and Vietnam Japan International Cancer Hospital

The MOU Signing Ceremony between Hanoi Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Hospital, Viet Xo Friendship Hospital and Vietnam Japan International Cancer Hospital


    Three hospitals in Vietnam, namely, Hanoi Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Hospital, Viet Xo Friendship Hospital, Vietnam-Japan International Oncology Hospital, signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with Taipei VGH on November 30, 2018. Taipei VGH Superintendent Prof. Deh-Ming Chang and representatives of the three hospitals were on hand for the signing ceremony. Furthermore, the hospital representatives were arranged to visit various departments of the hospital. It is hoped that this collaboration will strengthen academic and medical exchanges through medical research and information technology sharing in order to facilitate progress and development in patient treatment and clinical research. Prof. Deh-Ming Chang had expressed his privilege to sign MOUs with the three medical institutions in order to provide assistance and knowledge exchange that will lead to medical technology and healthcare development on both sides.


The hospitals that had signed MOUs with Taipei VGH are the following:


  • Viet Xo Friendship Hospital is the third largest hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam (800 bed capacity) under the Ministry of Health. The hospital mainly provides medical care to high-ranking civil servants in Vietnam and their families. In the past years, the hospital has emphasized on training and further education for healthcare professionals in order to improve the level of medical care. It is also actively expanding international cooperation with a view of strengthening technology transfer and scientific research.


  • Hanoi Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Hospital provides functional chiropractic rehabilitation and creates an assembly of prosthetic, orthotic, and ancillary equipment for persons with disabilities. The hospital collaborates with various humanitarian organizations in Vietnam and abroad.


  • Vietnam-Japan International Oncology Hospital works closely with a network of cancer treatment centers in Vietnam and The hospital is line with the international standards for developing a network of cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment centers in Vietnam. The centers will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and improved cancer diagnosis techniques, medical treatment, nursing care, and adequate support for comprehensive oncology research and training.

    In 2016, Taiwan introduced the New Southbound Policy to provide a new policy framework with the view of enhancing interaction and cooperation with ASEAN and South Asian partner countries. The “One Country, One Center” project was launched under the policy. Considering that many departments of the VGH-NYMU team already have long-term cooperation agreements with various institutions in Vietnam through different research projects, the “One Country, One Center” project was implemented based on the already established mutual trust to achieve a mutually beneficial situation for the stable growth and development of Vietnam and Taiwan in the future.