A Miraculous Cure- Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is an appreciation Letter sent from Canada



I went through a series of treatments in your hospital over the last few weeks and now I would like to send gratitude to your amazing program and people who made my experience a truly great one.

I have suffered with a lot of health related issues like nausea, migrains, muscle and joint pains, stomachache, and others. I found that Traditional Chinese Medicine can be very effective in treatment complex illnesses and decided to try it. I found Dr Chang Ching-Mao online and did a little research about Taipei Veterans General Hospital. I was very impressed with what I found, so I sent an e-mail to your hospital and asked for assistance. I received a great response from Sharon which encouraged me to travel to Taipei from Toronto and see Dr Chang. I went to Taipei and was cared by Dr Chang for one month.

I would like to give special thanks to Sharon (Hsiao-Wen Hsu) who was extremely helpful throughout the whole process, from registration process until helping me get a large supply of herbal medicine to take home. We are so grateful to Sharon!

I am also very happy to have discovered Dr Chang. He is very knowledgeable and caring doctor and his treatments did an amazing job. Within two weeks of his medicine and acupuncture treatments, I've already felt big improvements in health and by the end of the month I felt great again.

Also I would like to mention great people who were helping me. The nurses were very gentle and always helpful. The pharmacists who were always very fast and did an excellent job preparing and packing the large load of Medicine to take home. Everybody I have encountered were very kind.

I am very happy with the whole experience in your hospital. Thank you very much!

Slava Chepel