Experts from Japan and Taiwan convene for medical research summit

       The 2017 Taipei-Kyoto Medical Summit was held in Taipei VGH from December 8-9.  Dr. Nobuya Inagaki, director of Kyoto University Hospital (KUH), led 6 KUH doctors specializing in the fields of cardiology, liver transplantation, regenerative medicine, radiation oncology, and ophthalmology to convene for the summit to discuss on relevant medical issues. By providing a forum for exchange with various health care experts, the summit aims to expand opportunities for collaborative research and medical innovations for the benefit of the public.

        Since 2010, Taipei VGH’s Department of Oncology has been in collaboration with Kyoto University’s Particle Radiation Oncology Research Center for the exchange of expertise and methods in radiation medicine. On October 10, 2016, Dr. Nobuya Inagaki of KUH paid a visit to Taipei VGH, while Dr. Shih-Ann Chen, vice superintendent of Taipei VGH, returned the favor by visiting KUH on March 21, 2017. In July of this year, a memorandum of understanding was then signed to further deepen the collaboration between the two hospitals.

        Dr. Deh-Ming Chang, the superintendent of Taipei VGH, is optimistic that through a close collaborative exchange, the Taipei-Kyoto Medical Summit opens a door for combining resources between both sides in order to jointly explore the unknown in medical research. It, in addition, infuses new vitality into the medical research and development in Taipei VGH.