Representatives From Various Medical Centers of the Philippines Visits Taipei VGH

     Dr. Gerardo Manzo, assistant director for medical services at the Philippine Heart Center, Dr. Antonio Ramos, administrative and ancillary department manager at the Lung Center of the Philippines, and Dr. Mario Esquillo, a professor at the Manila Central University College of Dentistry, visited Taipei VGH on December 4, 2017.

    Representatives from Taipei VGH, namely, Dr. Shou-Yen Kao and Dr. Shih-Ann Chen, two of the hospital’s vice superintendents, Dr. Chih-Ching Lin, director of the International Medical Service Center, Dr. Yenn-Jiang Lin, chief of cardiology, Dr. Chun-Che Shih, chief of cardiovascular surgery, and Dr. Yu-Chung Wu, chief of thoracic surgery, led the Philippine representatives on a guided tour of the hospital.

    They visited the hospital’s coronary care unit, cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit, cardiac catheterization rooms, thoracic surgery wards, bronchial and esophageal function examination rooms, and chest medicine & thoracic surgery intensive care wards. In addition, Dr. Gerardo Manzo of the Philippine Heart Center showed great interest in collaborating with the hospital in terms of academic exchange, training, and international cooperation and is optimistic towards the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Philippine Heart Center and Taipei VGH in the near future.