Taipei Veterans General Hospital medical staff assists with the prevention and control of chronic kidney disease in St. Kitts and Nevis

    Taipei Veterans General Hospital (VGH), in collaboration with the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund on the capacity building Project for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Kidney Disease, recently sent Dr. Chih-Yu Yang and Nr. Yu-Jen Wang from the Division of Nephrology to St. Kitts and Nevis in order to conduct a capacity building workshop for health professionals.

    The training includes: developing and training a core set of teachers (“seed teachers”), establishing a standard procedure for receiving and referring patients, organizing urine screenings and public health seminars in the community, organizing health education materials & health promotion brochures, and constructing a case management information system. It is hoped that through a three-year program, the project’s initial undertakings will help to effectively address the growing incidence of chronic kidney disease and its financial burden on the country's health care.


Left to right, Dr. Chih-Yu Yang, Minister of State within the Ministry of Health Hon. Wendy Phipps, Minister of Health Hon. Eugene Hamilton, Nr. Yu-Jen Wang


The Taipei VGH medical staff at the J.N. France General Hospital hemodialysis unit with Dr. Dieguez (second from right), head nurse Nr. Daly-Finley (second from left), hospital CEO Ms. Cranstoun (third from left), and hemodialysis unit team leader Nr. Smithen (fourth from left)