Mr. NG, an Indonesian, was diagnosed chordoma for many years. Because of the huge chordoma and the restriction of the medical resource, he was failure getting a surgery at the local hospital.

However, his young sister, who had married to Taiwanese, knowing the medical level of Taiwan, so tried to contact Taipei VGH IMSC by e-mail. Through continuing communicated with us and the medical team, they accepted the arrangement of our Orthopaedic Dr. Wei-Ming Chen. Mr. NG had admission on 3/18, then got surgery by the team of Dr. Wei-Ming Chen, and recover on 4/25, regularly came back for radiation therapy, then went back to Indonesia on 7/9.

This is the thanks letter that Mr. NG sent to our superintendent, translated as below.

To Taipei Veteran General Hospital,

Hello, Dr. Chang, I am Mr. NG, come from Indonesia(a patient of IMSC). I had a huge tumor, huge chordoma, and came here for help. I appreciated Dr. Wei-Ming Chen and the medical team, they saved my life, gave me a chance to be treated. I also thanked the nurses of the 181 ward, they are tender, careful, work hard in taking care of me. And the IMSC, too, they are passion, considerate, patient in assisting me to deal with many things.

Sincerely thank you again.

Best wish

Mr. NG