Medical Expenses


All foreigner can get medical service in Taiwan Taipei VGH. All services are self-payment.

IMSC service is an optional choice.

IMSC services are charged according to the amounts stated in the IMSC patient services' fee in Taiwan Taipei VGH.

Taiwan National Health Insurance is not accepted in the IMSC.


IMSC outpatient service charge:

  • Registration and Administration Fee:500 NTD
  • Consultation Fee:1,500 NTD
  • Psychiatric consultation Fee:2,500 NTD
  • Additional charges may incur for medication, tests/examinations, and treatments.

IMSC inpatient service charge:

Based on treatments, we will estimate the medical expenses. Deposit is required before admitted. Patients should pay the expenses in accordance with the actual expenses. (The rest of money will be refunded.)


Payment Methods (IMSC)

  • Cash in New Taiwan Dollars
  • Credit card (Visa, Master, China UnionPay)
  • Bank’s wire transfer before admitted.

Items listed above are subject to change without notice. Contact us if you wish to know more about treatment charges.